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California Business Owners:
Use Existing State Laws to Protect Your Assets
Build Your Company & Reduce Workers' Compensation Costs

Everyone knows that the business climate in California is bad. Regulations, taxes, deficits, and a state government that continually pass laws that add to the burden have driven out small businesses by the thousands. Add on the spiraling costs of Workers' Compensation and your business is not just desperate to compete, but desperate just to survive!

The American Dream is turning into a nightmare right before our eyes. A nightmare of liability and risk in a State that is constantly ruling against businesses and their owners. Now, more than anytime in our history, business owners are at risk - both professionally and personally. Many business owners just like you have to make the difficult decision between playing by the rules and doing everything according to the law, or cutting corners and risking everything (including steep fines and even jail time) just to try to make a profit.

We've got good news for you. There are laws that are on your side.

Corporate Asset Management & Protection Company, Inc. (CAMPCO) is a California registered corporation whose purpose is to serve the small business community by leading you through the minefields of existing California laws. Laws that offer your business and yourself, protection and cost reductions - and increased profits. CAMPCO offers various services, including corporate formation and structure, management training, employee relations, safety training, Health, Disability and Life benefit packages, dental programs, liability insurance, etc.

Plus, CAMPCO provides corporation management services, human resources, risk management and payroll services that will keep your company in compliance with state laws. This one-two punch of services ensures that your company will be able to use the law to improve your business, protect your assets and increase your profits.

This isn't a scheme or a way to avoid the law. In fact, it's just the opposite. Believe it or not, California used to embrace the business community. How else would we have become the 5th largest economy in the world? The truth is, our State has many laws that have been on the books for years that are business friendly. These laws allow for companies to structure themselves in such a way as to reduce risks to the owners and increase their profits. The key is in the structure of the corporation and in its management. If not done properly, the protections could diminish.

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