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Staff Resources, Inc
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Staff Resources, Inc
Staff Resources, Inc

870 Manzanita Court, Ste. A
Chico CA 95926
(530) 345-2486

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Alt. Phone: (800) 447-8233

Employer Services

Via a co-employer relationship, our team of professionals allow you to focus your time and energy on revenue generating aspects of your business while shifting the responsibility and accompanying liability of traditional employer tasks to us. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we assume the role of your Payroll, Risk Management and Human Resources departments. You retain control and responsibility for employee supervision and OSHA/Cal-OSHA compliance.

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From its earliest days as a PEO pioneer, Staff Resources, Inc. has enjoyed the positive press given the industry as a whole . . .

The Wall Street Journal "…avoids payroll, insurance and tax hassles. The staffers are happier too, because they get better benefits."

USA TODAY "…appeals to the small to medium-sized firms who want to be free from bookkeeping chores and labor problems."

THE KIPLINGER WASHINGTON LETTER "More firms will hire temps and lease workers…a boom business. Lets managers concentrate on their core business while outside outfits handle the hiring, firing, payroll, insurance and job-training chores."

"Trying employee leasing. The leasing company handles payroll, personnel problems, health insurance, workers' comp, hirings and firings."

Investors Daily "Many businesses have found freedom from the paperwork and administration of employees' benefits, plus the cost savings…"

HR Magazine "Another advantage for small-business owners is the ability, through PEOs, to offer better benefits at discount rates. That's because PEOs can negotiate lower rates with health, workers' compensation and other insurers by pooling clients' employees into large groups."

THE KIPLINGER WASHINGTON LETTER "Strong growth in employee leasing at small and mid-size companies that want to concentrate on their core business and leave hiring, firing, payroll, benefits, workers' comp and other personnel matters to others. Leasing companies usually hire your workers and lease them back to you. Fees vary widely, anywhere from 1% to 5% of a company's payroll. You're still responsible for meeting rules on job safety, etc."

"Consider outsourcing benefits management to an outside company. And employee leasing can save you money and aggravation over time."

As a partner with Staff Resources, Inc. you will be provided with the services and items outlined below. Our philosophy is to offer our entire menu of quality services for an agreed upon fee. We encourage you to call us with any questions you may have and take advantage of all we offer. Should you at some point feel we have failed to meet your expectations, simply let us know. You will not be bound by a lengthy contract.

  • Human Resources Management Assistance
  • Payroll & Employment Tax Administration
  • Workers' Compensation & Risk Management
  • Employee Benefit Program Offerings & Administration

Chico California Employee Leasing company

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