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HR Management
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HR Management
HR Management

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Employee Leasing Services


Payroll Administration

  • Let Flagstaff complete your payroll processing, Direct Deposits, Tax Management, and handle government compliance and reporting.
  • Stand Alone Tax Management Services

    You process your own payroll. Flagstaff, through its partnership with CERIDIAN©, will electronically transmit your payroll taxes and ensure government tax compliance.

Benefits Administration

  • Comprehensive Group Health Benefit options, increased Employee Benefit choices, a payroll deduct Cafeteria Plan, 401(k) Retirement Plan.

Human Resources Administration

  • An exprienced, professional Human Resources Department backing up your company. Competitive Workers Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Claims administration, comprehensive Employee Handbooks and Safety Manuals.

1. What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

A Professional Employer Organization, better known as an employee leasing or "employee staffing" company, is a Human Resources Administration company - the "back office".

Through the Client Service Agreement, the PEO becomes the employer of record for your employees.  The PEO then "leases" the employees back to you. Your employees continue to work at your place of business under your complete day-to-day control. The P.E.O. becomes your off-site Payroll and Human Resources Department.

In 1999, almost 5 million employees were "leased".


2. What does this mean for me and my Employees?

Your employees are grouped with the other employees in the "P.E.O. pool".  They continue to work at your place of business under your direct control. 

But you benefit directly from: lower workers compensation costs, lower SUI and health insurance rates.  Paperwork is eliminated; Time is saved; Expenses are reduced. As a direct result of the lower administrative costs, lower insurance rates, and reduced employer liability claims, you are more profitable.

Bottom line, you can offer more to your employees without raising your costs.


3. Will I lose Control over my Employees?

Absolutely not!  In fact you gain more control over your employees as Flagstaff takes away the time-consuming tasks of Personnel Administration.  Your time is freed up so you can spend more time and resources managing your employees and your company.


4. What will Flagstaff do for my company?

Flagstaff takes over payroll administration, workers compensation insurance administration, coordination of employee benefits (including health insurance and retirement plans), and other back office employee-related tasks. By pooling your employees with other FlagStaff employees, you get the advantages of large company volume price discounts.  Flagstaff will get you high quality, low cost health insurance, work comp insurance, and other employee benefits.  And the savings are passed directly to you.


5.  What are my Responsibilities?

You still controll day-to-day management of your employees: work assignments, tracking hours, pay rates and increases, hiring and firing. All you do is report the work hours for each leased employee to Flagstaff.  After each payroll is processed you are responsible for only ONE payment to Flagstaff for ALL of its services.


6. What are the Features and Benefits of working with Flagstaff?

The basic Feature is an experienced, professional Human Resources company working directly for you.  The fundamental Benefit is Increased Profitability.  You have more Time and Money under your control. Take a look at the Features and Benefits page to see what you and your employees will gain by working with Flagstaff.


7. How do I get started?

Step 1: Complete the on-line form(s): Request for Information, Request for Price Quote.  Or give us a call.  We will prepare a price quote so you can see the dollars and cents you will save.

Step 2: Provide us with a copy of your Personnel Register.  We will prepare all of the employee forms needed to set-up Payroll, Benefits, and Insurance to get you started.

Step 3: Send us a Payroll Time Sheet and we’ll take care of the rest.

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